Requirements Must be Met – 15,000 Euros Loan Compared

A small loan of 15000 Euro is not so easy to get, but just about all banks and credit intermediaries have matching offers in the program. Many providers convince by the possibility to apply for the 15000 Euro credit directly online.

Comparisons are important in the search for credit!

In addition, frequent with the online instant confirmation. But premature action, can cost unnecessarily money when it comes to a 15000 euro credit. The huge differences in interest rates ensure that the cost of a € 15,000 loan can vary greatly depending on the offer. Currently Camibank, CreditOne and CredimandBank offer the best and cheapest offers. All three credit providers are known for fast loan settlement. Camibank and CredimandBank are particularly convincing with their high acceptance rates. Although other providers with high acceptance rates shine, the top 3 offers are particularly interesting, due to the low interest rates.

In third place is the CredimandBank. The offer convinces with interest rates between 4.40 percent and 11.95 percent, depending on the credit rating. With a maturity of 48 months, this results in a monthly burden of € 340.80 during the 48-month period. Even cheaper shows the credit offer of the provider online loan. Here are the interest rates between 4.35 percent and 10.90 percent.

Thus, a favorable credit of 340.47 euros with a 15000 euro credit is possible. However, the cheapest offer has been keeping the Camibank ready for a long time. Here, the repayment rate for a maturity of 48 months is 340.08 euros. Interest rates range from 4.29 percent to 10.99 percent for this provider. The top 3 will be followed by a number of offers that are quite impressive. Since the loan amount and duration can be varied accordingly, it is worthwhile to carry out an individual comparison that corresponds to your own needs.

15000 Euro Credit – These requirements must be met

15000 Euro Credit - These requirements must be met

In order to receive a 15,000 euro loan from a German bank, a residence in Germany must be available with certainty. In addition, the applicant must be of legal age and must have a permanent employment relationship.

Thus, the employment relationship must exist for at least 6 months and there must be no time limit. An important point is also that there should be no negative Schufa entries, as these immediately lead to the rejection of the loan application. In addition, some banks would like to take a look at the bank statements of the last few months in order to check the self-report for accuracy.

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