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PNFPN is ministry for persons dedicated to the promotion of Natural Family Planning (NFP). Our mission is to explain its practice, its effectiveness, its benefits and its underlying moral principles as understood and taught by the Catholic Church. Since NFP is in accord with God's order of creation we believe couples that practice NFP have stronger, healthier and more permanent marriages. We encourage all couples to consider NFP.

The PNFPN will be reorganizing into a new Alliance Natural Family Planning Network that will take over the work of the PNFPN in the future.

Alliance will be a promoter of all forms of natural family planning and a friend to every NFP apostolate in the region—thus the name, “Alliance.”

The goal is to better organize teaching sites, train new teachers, and promote NFP at the parish level and beyond. The Alliance has hired a part time executive director.  The executive director, along with the Board, will be building a new apostolate. If you are willing to help in this effort, please email me at and I will forward it to the Alliance team.

Please stop by here to get the latest information on the reorganization.  

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Natural Family Planning
A family planning method that uses a woman's natural signs of fertility to effectively postpone or achieve a pregnancy and promotes physical, spiritual & marital health.

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    September 10 -- Langhorne, PA
    Philadelphia Archdiocesan Sympto-Thermal Class

    For Creighton Model FertilityCare classes in August visit FertilityCare Friends

    For Creighton Model FertilityCare classes in September visit FertilityCare Friends


Our mailing list exceeds 610 addresses and is growing.  We include 25 Teachers, 34 Doctors, 60 Priests and 26 Religious.

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or: By phone: (215)885-8150  

US Mail:   PNFPN,  P.O. Box 220, Jenkintown, PA   19046


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